soon, withdraw cash using Google glass

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soon, withdraw cash using Google glass

Post by Harsha R S on Sat Mar 08, 2014 9:39 am

Safe money withdrawals from automated teller machines Is possible via Google glass a wearable computer device....

Customer first identifies himself to the machine.It uses public key to encrypt the PIN and seals it with digital signature. The result is shown on the screen in a black and white pattern called "QR code"

The pin Is visible only to the person wearing the glasses.A spy on the pin which is being entered Is useless since the pin Is regenerated each time customer uses the machine.

Only the customer can decrypt the encryption by the public key using his secret key. As long as this info is stored on the glass the money is safe......

Being developed by Dominique Schroder assistant professor of cryptographic algorithms,saarland university , Germany

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